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Slavery in America was abolished in 1865, yet, 156 years later, Black people are still fighting for equity and battling racism. It is a “Time to Repair”.

We, “The People’s Voice,” envision the City of Detroit as being “Ground Zero” for reparations, which seeks to help fund education, business development and improve quality of life for African-Americans. The People’s Voice is a social welfare organization made up of concerned citizens who are committed to righting the societal wrongs against African-Americans and finding legal means to force true equity in our society. It was founded by Todd Russell Perkins, Esq., principal of the Perkins Law Group, PLLC.

After an intense legal battle in which those in power sought to prevent the citizens from voting on their rights to repair, we prevailed, and we are on the November 2nd ballot as Proposal S. Even in our court victory, our Proposal S has been placed on the back of the ballot.

We need your support at the polls and your donations to continue this fight. Vote “YES” on Proposal R and Proposal S. 

Donations will be used to support reparations and all forms of racial injustice; specifically the passing of Proposal S and Proposal R and educating voters on the issue.

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